Planning your water feature

Before you begin digging a giant hole in your backyard, it is a good idea to consider planning what water feature will work for the space you have in mind; be mindful of the maintenance you are expecting and your budget.

It is a well known fact that water features of any kind can benefit several aspects of any lifestyle.

  • enhance the beauty of your back or front yard
  • increase the home’s value
  • provide health benefits through visual stress relief and soothing water sounds
  • create an ecosystem and water source for plant and wildlife in the area
  • incorporate a unique feature into any entertaining area

1. KOI POND - An excellent hobby to unwind and relax with the sound of water, the joy of watching fish grow and plant life evolve A True Oasis!

Installation: / With the right contractor, a koi pond can be installed properly in less than a week - depending on the scale of the project. If you are up for a DIY project, allow for a little more time. Before you begin, talk with a pond supply specialist in your area. Proper filtration and installation is key to less maintenance in the future.

Maintenance: / Maintenance depends directly on installing the proper components. Many times home owners will cut back on filtration and load their ponds with fish and wonder why their pond has become such a hassle. Educate yourself on pond construction, consult a specialist and be rewarded with minor upkeep for your koi pond.

Affordability: / Costs can vary with ponds depending on scale and whether you are installing it yourself or hiring the work out. A koi pond with sufficient filtration can start around $900 for product.

A water feature can be incorporated into your landscape with any budget - large or small, depending on the scale of the piece or project. Water features can fetch you up to 4x the value upon resale!

2. PONDLESS WATERFALL – Not looking for fish, but love the look and sound of a waterfall? Pondless could be your answer.

Installation: / Because there is no open water, this style is easier to install in any area of your landscape, including the front yard! No open water means no safety measures required ie. fencing or zoning bylaws. With the use of water retention cubes to create an underground reservoir, the install can be done professionally or by homeowner. Install times are slightly less than a koi pond as there are fewer components.

Maintenance: / With the use of an ionizer to eliminate all algae, maintenance is next to nothing! Simply top up the water from slight evaporation through the summer season. Winter maintenance is also minimal – remove pump and leave the feature ‘as is’, water and all!

Affordability: / The cost to install a pondless waterfall is almost half the price of a koi pond, starting around $500. Maintenance costs are also less, as there are not as many components required.

Want a water feature, but afraid of potential mosquitoes? No problem! Mosquitoes are not attracted to moving water.

3. BUBBLE ROCK – Unique, Simple and Fast! A custom piece that can fit in a tight space, with the choice of having open water or a pebble rock base.

Installation: / An easy install for any homeowner depending on the size of the rock. Large rock choices may require hiring a professional. Artificial rocks are available for lightweight options (Universal Rock). Have your water feature supplier drill the rock for you! Excellent option for a small area or near a patio sitting area, as the noise level of the water can be adjusted.

Maintenance: / Easy! Summer maintenance includes dropping a bromine tab in the basin every couple of weeks (ensure no plants are in contact with the water) – that's all! Simply remove the pump for the winter and replace again in the spring.

Affordability: / Bubble rock kits can generally start around $800 using a drilled natural stone piece. Smaller kits with artificial rocks can start as little as $400. These are a simple, cost effective choice to add curb appeal to any landscape.

4. FOUNTAIN – If you are looking for variation in size and style, fountains offer tranquility in a versatile package that is great for patio and deck options.

Installation: / Depending on the size – the average fountain can be installed by the homeowner, requiring two people for lifting and adjusting. Most are set up in just a couple of hours! Fountains can be installed in any space large or small and suit any style!

Maintenance: / Try to setup your fountain in an area where there is minor debris (falling leaves) and if possible, less sun exposure – this will cut down on the time you would spend cleaning out the fountain. Most fountains have small reservoirs, this makes for quick cleaning! Winter maintenance requires bringing in the pump if the fountain is situated outdoors. Concrete fountains are the most durable for our climate, empty the water out in the winter and use a fountain cover to keep moisture out.

Affordability: / Fountains can start at less than $300. Opt for quality material like concrete and get the life span you should!

5. STAINLESS STEEL FEATURE – Clean lines – a modern take on water features – great for indoor and outdoor options. A lightweight piece of art!

Installation: / Lightweight equals easy install! Generally a one person task which takes no more than 30 minutes. Stainless steel features are a unique choice that offers options for placement including, tight spaces, indoor, outdoor, areas requiring little/no splash.

Maintenance: / The maintenance of a stainless steel feature is similar to a fountain, however; because it is lightweight, cleaning and removing the pump in the winter become easier tasks.

Affordability: / Stainless steel water features can start around the $700 mark for a full kit option.


  1. Educate Yourself on your Options
  2. Know Your Space
  3. Talk to your Water Feature Supply Specialist

Pond Lighting - Make your Water Feature work for you! - Marquis GardensOutdoor Lighting is the landscape trend sweeping the nation, with LED’s leading the way. By replacing inefficient halogen lights with energy efficient LED lights, you will reduce your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Much of our entertaining is done when the sun goes down and that is why lighting is often the most important aspect to enhance any feature- Make it visible! Now your water feature and landscape can be appreciated any time of the day at a fraction of the cost!


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