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Small Waterfall Pond - SWP-008 by Universal Rocks

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Small Waterfall Pond-SWP-008 by Universal Rocks (Artificial Stone)

Product Code: SWP-008

  • Another small self-contained unit, suitable for any small corner area.
  • Needing only a moment of your time to set up and enjoy this petite tranquil waterfall.
  • Product is exposed at the back - please see pictures.
  • Required Area for Installation: 2' x 2'
  • Suggested minimum landscape area: 2' x 3'
  • Rock Mold originated from: Sydney, Australia


  • L 29.5" x W 35" x H 18"
  • Approx. weight: 14.3 lbs.
  • 200-250 gal. per hour pump
  • 1" fitting size
  • 1" tube size