Kasco J Series Floating Fountains - Small: 3/4 HP - 1 HP

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SKU: 3400JF050

Kasco has redesigned our 2 – 7-1/2HP J Series fountains for increased performance and improved pattern definition, all while maintaining the same cost of operation as current models. These new models feature increased water flow for crisp and larger laminar displays, no increase in power (amp) usage, and new Balsam 3-tier pattern. Installation and assembly is now easier than ever with fewer parts required, 1-piece float, twist and lock nozzles, easier maintenance and snap-on light clips for installation of optional lighting (purchased separately).

Redesigned units are available in both 60Hz and 50Hz (1-5HP) options.

Kasco J Series fountains are the perfect focal point in any pond or lake. From the 30 ft. high attention-demanding Redwood pattern to the elegant Balsam 3-tier pattern, each nozzle offers its own visual appeal. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, these fountains can improve overall water quality by increasing oxygen transfer.  All J Series Fountains come with multiple nozzles included in the price and can be paired with an optional light kit.

Watch the VIDEO below to see the new patterns in action, along with learning more about the improved Premium Nozzles.

Product Features

  • Offered as 60Hz and 50Hz, 120V and 208-240V, single phase
  • Complete packages are ETL approved to UL and CSA standards
  • 2-year warranty

Package Includes

  • Motor unit
  • Float
  • Bottom screen
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Control panel with GFI protection
  • Mooring lines
  • Power cord
  • 50Hz units include a motor unit, 15m mooring lines, multiple nozzles, and a power cord