Techo-Bloc Edges

Techo-Bloc Tundra Edges
Techo-Bloc Tundra Edges New
$7.82 / EACH
Description A unique edger used for lawns, pavement, plantings and even as a transition unit for ...
Techo-Bloc Rocka Edges
Techo-Bloc Rocka Edges New
$31.48 / SQ.FT.
Description By popular demand, the Rocka collection has now been extended to include wall and edg...
Techo-Bloc Raffinato Edges
Techo-Bloc Raffinato Edges New
$10.25 / EACH
Description The sleek, polished look of the Raffinato collection has now been extended to an edgi...
Techo-Bloc Pietra Edges
Techo-Bloc Pietra Edges New
$7.16 / LN.FT.
Description Give your landscape a distinctive edge.Slightly more refined than Belgik, Pietra rese...
Techo-Bloc Brandon Edges
Techo-Bloc Brandon Edges New
$7.24 / LN.FT.
Description The Brandon collection also extends to edging. An innovative twist on rustic brick, t...
Techo-Bloc Borealis Edges
Techo-Bloc Borealis Edges New
$60.01 / EACH
Description The beauty of wood set in stone. A new and integral part of Techo-Bloc s wood look-al...
Techo-Bloc Avignon Edges
$9.47 / EACH
Description A multifunctional border great for lawns, mulch beds and interlocking pavements. The ...

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