Aquascape Pond Aerator Pro Replacement Parts - Item 61000

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SKU: 61004

Replacement Parts Diagram for Aquascape Pond Aerator Pro - Item 61000

Replacement Parts Diagram for Aquascape Pond Aerator Pro - Item 61000

  1. #61004 Pond Aerator PRO - Removable Lid
  2. #61005 Pond Aerator PRO - Air Inlet Sponge Filter (Qty 3)
  3. #61002 Pond Aerator PRO - Airline 30'
  4. #61003 Pond Aerator PRO - Check Valve
  5. #61001 Pond Aerator PRO 8" Replacement Aeration Disc
  6. #61015 Pro Air 20 Compressor Renew Kit
  7. #61010 10" Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser
  8. #61012 2-Way Aeration Compressor Manifold
  9. #99159 Barb Hose Coupling 3/8"
  10. #61016 Pro Air 60 Aeration Compressor
  11. #61017 Pro Air 20 Aeration Compressor
  12. #61011 Weighted Aeration Tubing 3/8" X 25'
  13. #61014 Weighted Aeration Tubing 3/8" X 100'

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