Atlantic Eco-Blox

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Atlantic Eco-Blox

  • Water matrix blocks installed in-lined excavations create weight-bearing underground water storage reservoirs
  • Save labor, time, and money on Pond-free, rainwater harvesting, and stormwater management installations versus gravel-filled reservoirs
  • Eco-Blox lock together quickly and securely, easily supporting landscaping, pavers, gravel, or sod for great design versatility
  • Arrange modular blocks in any configuration and any number of levels to accommodate almost any basin
  • Excellent for bog construction to create settling chambers below natural plantings of active bog filters
  • Atlantic's Eco-Blox are the strongest water matrix blocks available, capable of supporting over seven tons of distributed load
  • With 96% voice space, Atlantic's Eco-Blox hold more water in a smaller volume, reducing the overall size of the basin

Product Details:

  • Model: ECOBLOX
  • Item: 73234
  • Capacity: 31½ Gallons
  • Application: Pond-free / Fountain / Rain Harvesting
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Dimensions: 27"L x 16"W x 17½"H

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