Oase FlexiCut 2 in 1

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SKU: OAS/46970
  • Maintaining the perfect balance between a manicured look & an organic feel to your pond requires a commitment to ongoing maintenance - & the proper tools. Attention to detail can be the differentiator between the elegant aesthetic you envisioned for your water feature & the actual final project. Flexicut 2-in-1 pond scissors feature a dual approach to vegetation maintenance - they stabilize plants while cutting them, providing stability & torque. The flexible 2-in-1 pond scissors are an excellent tool for trimming back overgrown branches & vegetation. CUT branches can then be removed from the pond with the EasyPick pond pliers. The scissors' head features adjustable work angles enabling efficient progress & protects the pond liner from cuts & punctures. Handle length is 5.2'. (1.6 meters) for hard-to-reach places. Ongoing & consistent maintenance of your pond feature - & its banks & overhanging vegetation - will ensure it remains a stunning focal pt. In your landscape.
  • The flexicut 2-in-1 pond scissors feature a dual approach to vegetation maintenance, Simultaneously holding plants and thin branches while cutting them.
  • The head, with adjustable work angles, protects the pond liner from cuts and enables convenient work.
  • 2 Year Warranty
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