Oase Fountain Pump

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Fountain pumps - the fountains workhorses are compact in design and powerful in speed, built to optimize any water feature. Our fountain pumps will be the center of any garden fountain, bubbling fountain or stately indoor fountain. They offer variations in speed and volume with minimum power consumption and maintenance. They boast a built-in adjustable flow control dial to fine-tune both flow rate and pumping height. Pumps fit existing fountains and water features and are capable of pumping a significant amount of water. A smaller power cord plug size allows for easier setup with suction cups for better stabilization. The grounding plate provides additional protection and quality. Our pumps are quiet, efficient and promote a peaceful outdoor living space. The functions and accessories of our fountain pumps allow for endless creative applications and implementations. Fountain attachments can be staged in combination with the matching optional OASE illumination. Our pumps can produce your choice of water splash, shape, height and texture.

  • Ideal for continuous operation and minimal maintenance within bubbling stones, statuary fountains and decorative fountains;
  • Quiet, energy efficient motor maintains the peaceful environment of any outdoor sanctuary or indoor water feature;
  • The compact design allows Fountain Pumps to fit perfectly into existing fountains and water features;
  • Features suction cup feet on the bottom of the pump for stabilization;
  • Adjustable flow control fine-tunes the flow rate and pumping height;
  • Grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your fountain;
  • Power cord features a smaller plug size for easier setup and installation. A 6 ft. power cord is included with Fountain Pump 90 and Fountain Pump 150. A 16 ft. power cord is included with Fountain Pump 320 and Fountain Pump 525;
  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration.
Specs Fountain Pump
Fountain Pump
Fountain Pump
Fountain Pump
Dimensions 2.86 x 1.49 x 2.21 in. 3.29 x 1.72 x 2.35 in. 3.97 x 2 x 3.09 in. 4.38 x 2.36 x 3.35 in.
Rated Voltage 120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 4 watts 7 watts 23 watts 42 watts
Power Cable Length 6 ft. 16 ft.
Max. Flow Rate 90 gph 150 gph 320 gph 525 gph
Max. Head Height 2.8 ft. 3.6 ft. 6.2 ft. 7.9 ft.
Outlet Size 1/2 in.
Inlet Size 0.312 in. 0.45 in. 3/4 in. 7/8 in.
Connection for hoses 3/8 and 1/2 in. 1/2 and 3/4 in. 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 in.
Filter intake surface 20 cm2 45 cm2 60 cm2 75 cm2
Usage Type submersed only
Warranty 2 Years
Downloads Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information
Part Number 45417 45413 45414 45416

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