Veradek Geo Trough Planters

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Low and sleek, the Geo Trough planter is the perfect addition to any table top, window sill or fireplace mantle. Crafted from a thick gauge, fully seam welded stainless steel base, the Geo planter is extremely versatile providing a unique look as kitchen accent or as a table top focal point. Whether planted with succulents, moss or even used as a vessel for candles, fruit or nuts, the Geo planter provides a sleek, modern look in all settings. All Geo Series planters are fully seam welded to prevent leakage. With a Veradek product you can rest assured that you are receiving the perfect balance of design, durability and convenience.

Available in Metallic Black, White, and Stainless Steel

  • Finished with a strong scratch resistant powder coat (Black and White)
  • Fully seam welded using high grade thick gauge stainless steel
  • Furniture quality finishing
  • Modern, modular design
  • Drainage holes: No
  • Indoor Use
  • Galvanized Steel (Black or White powdercoat) or Stainless Steel

Geo Trough Planter


Geo Trough Planter

L 32" x W 3.5" x H 3"

    Geo Wide Planter


    Geo Wide Planter

    Geo Wide - L 32”  W 8"  H 3”

      Geo Tall Planter


      Geo Tall Planter

      Geo Tall - L 32”  W 4"  H 6”

      Geo Short Planter


      Geo Tall Planter

      Geo Tall - L 16”  W 3.5"  H 3”

      Geo Hanging Planter


      Geo Tall Planter

      Geo Tall - L 32”  W 3.5"  H 3”