Pond Cleaning

PondMax PV350L Pond Vacuum
PondMax PV350L Pond Vacuum New
Eligible for FREE Shipping!The Pondmax pond vacuum is an ideal pond vacuum to clean small to medi...
Oase Pond Vacuums
Oase Pond Vacuums New
Eligible for FREE Shipping!Pond Vacuum - OASE PONDOVAC CLASSIC Many pond maintenance needs can b...
Aquascape Pond Cleanout Pump
Aquascape Pond Cleanout Pump New
Eligible for FREE Shipping!Part Number: 45033 Make pond cleanouts and installation wash-downs qu...
Waterproof Gloves
Waterproof Gloves New
FREE Shipping on orders over CDN $200Waterproof Gloves (pair) 40cm Great for Cleaning Ponds Keeps...
Laguna Pruning Tool
Laguna Pruning Tool New
FREE Shipping on orders over CDN $200Item#: PT819 Versatile and convenient, the Laguna Pruning To...
Laguna Neoprene Waders
Laguna Neoprene Waders New
FREE Shipping on orders over CDN $200Item#: PT920 Provides excellent waterproof protection. Adju...

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