Create year-long interest with planters! Container gardening is for anyone, whether you have a small balcony or a large property, they add visual appeal to all landscapes. Create different levels of beauty by varying the heights of your planters. They are easy to move around, so you can get creative with your landscape every season!

Planters Create Curb Appeal! 

Instead of trying to dress up your old ones, it is time to create statement pieces that are your neighbours envy!

Get rid of the rusty cast iron and the faded plastic – these planters are doing nothing for the overall look of your home.


To create your fresh new planter, go for extremes – Bold Colour and Clean lines or Detailed with a unique pattern. Deep colours contrast with most house colour schemes and provide a bold backdrop for any planting arrangement.

Styles of outdoor planters available:

  • Modern Planters
  • Traditional Planters
  • European style Planters
  • Contemporary Planters
  • Classic Planters
  • Rustic Planters

There are small outdoor planters and large outdoor planters available in a variety of shapes to fit your needs.


Choose a durable material that will last longer than one winter season and be rewarded with lasting beauty and money saved in the long run. Gardenstone and Campania Precast concrete planters are high-end and durable. Looking for a lighter material? Veradek is an eco-friendly and weather resistant choice for indoor and outdoor.

* Remember that proper drainage is the key to a lasting planter – no matter the material.

Container gardening with new outdoor planters and pots is a fast and easy way to dress up your front or backyard. Think about grouping them together in groups of 2 or 3 in various heights.


Outdoor planters should not come in contact with salt or harsh chemicals. They should be raised slightly of the ground using small risers to allow for proper drainage. If you wish to keep your pot planted for the winter season – it is best if you use a plastic insert in your planter to avoid the water saturated soil from freezing/expanding directly in your planter and potentially cracking it.

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