Pond Liner and Basins


Pond Liners and Basins

There are 4 General Styles of Pond Liners

EPDM Pond Liner

A 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner is a flexible, rubber liner that is taken off of a roll at any custom length. This is the most widely used pond liner for the following reasons:

  • Fish and Plant Safe
  • Thick and Flexible – long-Lasting – 20 Year Guarantee – 75 year life expectancy
  • Ideal 45mil thickness
  • Cheapest, Durable Liner to use! We have our EPDM 45 mil Liner for just 79¢/sqft
  • Easy to use – simply dig your hole to the size and style you want and the liner can be laid out and form to any pond size or pond style. Underlayment can be used in areas with sharp stones or rough terrain to protect your liner
  • Readily used by pond professionals and contractors
  • Can be used above ground or below ground.
  • An excellent choice for any pond application, particularly for koi/fish ponds that require specific depths

Available in 10’, 15’, 20’, 30’, 40’, 50’, 100’ widths – by any length

Pre-formed Pond Liners

Pre-formed ponds are often made of a molded plastic – these ponds are not very dependable in colder climates where they are prone to holes and cracking. Universal Rock pre-formed ponds are the best option for this style of pond liner. A market leader in the production of Artificial Rock made from polyurethane and polyurea making it easy to cut and install in any situation. All Universal Rock ponds are individually hand-made and coloured with a real – natural stone coating, making each item slightly unique and able to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions.

 Water Reservoirs

Aqua basins or water reservoirs are heavy duty basins with a top grate that allows for easy installation of bubbling rocks or water features where the water looks like as though it is disappearing into a rock bed. These water reservoirs are inserted in the ground or are placed above ground with a wall system built around them. A decorative, pebble stone covers the basin and a water feature is placed on top. The pump is easily accessed through a removable panel in the basin.

These basins are easy to use and are becoming increasingly popular for small-scale water features

Liquid Rubber Pond Liner

Liquid pond liner or liquid rubber is a waterproofing adhesive that can be applied by roller or brush. It is most often applied to concrete basins above and below ground.  Liquid Rubber uses flexible technology to provide waterproof and corrosion protection.

Fish and plant safe

Withstands freezing and high heat conditions

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