Garden statues are a unique focal point for any yard or garden. A statue is a decorative contrast to its surroundings, drawing the eye upward. Simply adding a garden statue can add a custom touch to any landscape.


Animal Statuary – cats, dogs, frogs, fish, lions, birds and more

Religious Statues including Madonna, St Francis, Angels

Asian Statues – lanterns, pagodas, Buddha

Outdoor birdbaths, benches, finials, pedestals

We also have a unique collection of hand-carved natural stone statues including lady statues, soldiers, birds and rolling spheres.

Garden statues are commonly available in precast concrete; however they can also be made from hand-carved natural stone and bronze as well.

We consider Garden statues art for your garden. These Garden Sculptures are used to represent something you care for or to express your sense of style. You can make these statues the focal point of your landscape or place them within your garden for a more reserved look.


  • Create a seating area in your back yard with benches that surround a fountain or statue
  • On a front porch or at the entrance of your home
  • Statues placed along your driveway with lighting for a grand entrance to your home
  • Tucked within a garden to create contrast with textures within your garden
  • Lanterns, Pagodas or Asian Accent statues placed beside a pond or water feature
  • A statue or finial placed atop a pedestal to draw the eye upwards
  • A pair of statues flanking the driveway entrance
  • A birdbath near your back patio to bring nature home with the beauty of birds

* Don’t forget to light up your Garden Sculptures – Enjoy them at night as well!


SUMMER MONTHS: For optimal stability, ensure your statue or bench is placed on a sturdy and level base of aggregate or stone throughout the frost-free months. Statuary or benches placed on grass or soil are not recommended, as staining may occur.

WINTER MONTHS: Before winter or first frost, statuary and benches should be raised off of the ground surface with risers to prevent it from soaking up moisture and freezing, which could cause crumbling on the bottom of the piece. If you are able to bring the piece indoors, this is recommended. A cover can be used if the statue is to remain outdoors.

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