Water Fountains


Water Fountains

The tranquil sound of running water is a great way to unwind after a long day. Pond fountains are a fast and easy way to enhance your landscape. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, fountains are a great choice to improve any landscape.


We have available:

  • Contemporary fountains, stainless steel and cast stone water fountains both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Traditional tiered fountains in different stains and sizes
  • Wall fountains that both hang on the wall and/or are free standing
  • Hand-carved natural stone fountains – these one of a kind gems are sought after art pieces for your landscape
  • Spray head pond fountains that can be used inside a pond or in any basin/liner retaining water. These spray heads can jet water into the air in a multitude of styles
  • Bubbling rock fountains – choose any stone to fit your needs, have it drilled to create a natural water fountain – you can also have the water look as though it is disappearing into the ground or pebble stones using a aqua basin and pondless application



A fountain can be placed wherever you want to hear the tranquil sound of water!

Try out a these options

  • At the center or on the edge of your pond – Pond fountains are a great way to add décor and peaceful sounds to your one of a kind pond.
  • In front of your home/middle of driveway – create grandeur and elegance – your front entrance will be the envy all of your neighbours! An excellent choice to kick up your curb appeal.
  • Back patio – whether it is a wall fountain or a statement piece in the centre of your patio, you will have the soothing sound of water where you entertain and  relax
  • Nestled within your landscape – a unique twist, have your guest wonder where the source of the peaceful sound of water is coming from – often fountains, like bubbling rocks, fit perfect within your shrubbery and surrounding landscape
  • In your home – the sound of water can be brought indoors – try a wall fountain that hangs on the wall or is free standing for a low profile design. Get the custom look at a fraction of the price with easy install.

The benefits of pond fountains and the sound of running water are not only the beauty they instill, but the health benefits and stress relief of the sound of running water.  Add lighting to your water fountain and enjoy your feature at night as well!

Check out our how to section to learn how to maintain your fountain or how to build your own water feature!

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