Pond Calculator

Liner (45mil EPDM)
Liner Length
Liner Width
Liner Weight
Pipe (Flexible PVC)
Inside diameter of Pipe
Length of pipe
Roughness Constant
Flex PVC
Pondless Waterfall Application
Minimum Basin Sizing
sqft @ 2'Depth
Pump Sizing
Based in Pond Circulation
Volume flow
*Minimum required circulation for pond
*Head height will reflect output of pump
Waterfall Flow Rate - Light
Waterfall Flow Rate - High
Pressure & Friction Loss
Friction head loss per 100 feet of pipe
Friction head loss
Static Head loss
PSI Loss
Koi & Pond Fish
Pond Volume
Amount of fish recommended for your pond
Inches of Fish
Greater stocking loads are possible when using filtration
Stone & Rockery
Estimating Rock for Interior of Pond
Estimating Rock for Stream/Waterfall