Aquascape AquaBasin 30 & 45 Access Covers

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SKU: 78225

Part Number SKU: 78225 / 78226

AquaBasin 30 & 45 Access Covers
Aquascape AquaBasin Pump Access Cover is a replacement part that sits on the top of the AquaBasin 30 (MPN 78225 - approximate dimensions: 13-11/16″L x 10″W) or the AquaBasin 45 (MPN 78226 - approximate dimensions: 20″L x 14″W). The elevated corner pump access prevents gravel from falling into the basin. An attached handle in the middle of the cover is designed for quick removal when pump maintenance is required.


  • Replacement Part for AquaBasins 30 and 45
  • Prevents Gravel From Falling in Basin
  • Cover with Handle for Easy Pump Access

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