Aquascape LED Color-Changing Fountain Light

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Part Number SKU:84072 /84055

Color-Changing Fountain Light
Aquascape Color-Changing Fountain Lights are developed to provide an impressive accent to fountains, connecting easily to the top of the fountain with an integrated barbed fitting. The color-changing diodes provide a wide variety of color options, and the integrated white diodes provide a warm white light when desired. These low-voltage lights are extremely energy efficient and include professional, weatherproof quick-connect fittings for quick and easy installation.


  • Can be easily integrated into existing 12V lighting system
  • Variety of color settings, including warm white
  • Professional, weatherproof, quick-connect fitting
  • Connects easily to the top of the fountain
  • Smart Control Hub (#84074) and 12-volt transformer required (not included):
    • 84055 kit includesa built-inControl Hub and a 12-volt transformer.

Technical Specifications:

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Aquascape LED Color-Changing Lights for Ponds

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