Campania LED Light Kits

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  • 12VAC.5W cool white LED lights
  • The flexibility of Use: in or out of water
  • Sold as a single unit light or set of 3
  • 10-foot power cord
  • 57 inches of cord between lights
  • Additional LED lights and LED cords can be purchased separately. See price list for details
  • Up to 5 lights can be connected in series into one transformer
  • Optional Dusk till Dawn sensor available. Sold separately

Campania"s new Dusk "Til Dawn Light Sensor allows you to plug your fountain LED lights in and forget about them. The sensor will automatically turn your lights on when dusk falls and turn them off when the sun returns. Be sure to place the sensor somewhere near the fountain that will receive direct sunlight during the day as shadows can cause the sensor to activate. Just connect the male end of the sensor to the transformer and the female end of the sensor to the power cord and the sensor will take care of the rest.

  • The cord length from the transformer to the sensor is 14.75"
  • The sensor can be used with up to 5 lights per transformer

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