Campania Luna Bowl Terra Cotta

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SKU: 6472-6604

Luna Bowl, Large Set of 1
Product Code: 6470-6601

Dimensions: 25.75" Diam. x 6.5"H
Base: 25.75" Diam.
Weight: 38 lbs.
Material: Terra Cotta

Luna Bowl, Medium Set of 2
Product Code: 6471-6602
Dimensions: 19.75" Diam. x 4.75"H
Weight, each: 20 lbs.
Weight: 40 lbs
Material: Terra Cotta

Luna Bowl, Small Set of 4
Product Code: 6472-6604
Dimensions: 14" Diam. x 3.25"H
Weight, each: 9 lbs.
Interior Dimension: 7.5" Diam.
Total Set Weight: 36 lbs
Material: Terra Cotta