Tree-Styles Crossfire Burner Kits

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The Crossfire Tree-Style Brass Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit of Warming Trends Trends will redefine your patios’ outdoor fire experience with its patented and innovative combustion design. Crossfire Burner will bring the satisfaction of witnessing taller, brighter, fuller, and more natural flames dancing above your firepit with lesser fuel consumption due to its unique regulation system.

Double the flame, double the satisfaction. Less fuel, no rust, and backed with a Full Lifetime Warranty!

Experience this striking flame presentation on larger spaces using either propane or natural gas, depending on your liking. Available in a range of sizes and BTU ratings, the Crossfire™ H-style Burner is designed for long-lasting use. Its heavy-duty brass construction offers corrosion-resistant products backed by a full lifetime warranty. No rust!

No need to do an unguided DIY firepit. With this Fire Pit Burner Kit, we introduce to you a match-style ignition that will lessen your hassle and allow you to manually open and close the gas valve while raising and lowering the flame height based on your preference and ignite the system with a match-style lighter. Warming Trends Crossfire

The Crossfire Tree-Style Brass Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit includes

  • a 36-inches long flex line (two for larger burners);
  • a 1/4-turn ball valve with chrome plated decorative flange and key;
  • an optional rectangular pan to combine the necessary components to install the burner system.

The fire pit kit can also be purchased with a premium burner pan to simplify your installation process offers a convenient surface to place your burner and media for better drainage to prolong the life of your fire pit components.


  • Made of Brass - Guaranteed corrosion-resistant product to ensure low-cost maintenance and lifetime quality. No rust!
  • Crossfire™ Burner Design - Innovative burner design with fuel regulation creates taller, brighter, fuller, and more natural flames;
  • Match Light Kit - Includes flex line, 1/4-turn ball valve, decorative flange & key, and an optional round or square pan;
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Accommodates natural gas and propane;
  • Fuel Efficiency - Propane or natural gas, we offer a fuel-efficient burner that only consumes half the fuel of conventional burners;
  • Available in various BTU Ratings and Dimensions. See the PDFs above for the affiliated product links;
  • Available in various opening Shapes: Round, Square, and Rectangle;
  • Available in several styles: Original, Octagonal, Tree-style, H-style, and Linear.

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