Universal Rocks Grotto Waterfall

Vendor: Universal Rocks
SKU: GRT-001-B
Product Type: Artificial Rocks
Size: 2.5' Tall
Color: Universal Brown
Variant: No Light
  • Price does NOT include equipment or installation.
  • Price does NOT include shipping.

Having a cave waterfall has long been a fantasy of many pond and pool owners for years, but has been out of reach because of things like cost weight and availability. Not anymore! Universal Rocks ® has developed a beautiful Grotto waterfall designed for use on many pools and larger style ponds. Our revolutionary manufacturing process turns a 15 ton set up to a mere 400 lbs., and the way we color our rocks means you get the look and feel of real rock without the fading of conventional artificial rock.

Cut your time and labor by more than half with this simple set up that brings the magic of moving water to the everyday homeowner on a larger scale without out the larger budget!

Measurements for the TOP piece: 9' x 7' x 1'

Measurements for SUPPORT ROCKS: 7' x 5' (Height varies depending on selection)

Available in 4sizes - 2.5' tall, 4' tall, 5' tall, and 6' tall
The approximate clearance on the inside of the grotto is roughly 1 foot less than the height listed. Height is the rough outside dimensions.
(All sizes are approximate, variations in production, post-production, and placement of the waterfall will cause the heights to fluctuate)

You want to have the top of the triangle extend out over the pool, the blue arrows indicate the water flow. The back of the triangle in the back of the grotto and sits on both support rocks. The white circles are roughly where the bolts go.

  • The plumbing should be able to be run through the rock on the right-hand side where the fitting is however, It will depend on how far forward or back you place the top rock.
  • There is wood in the top of the support rocks- there is also wood in the corners of the waterfall. The bolts that were supplied will need to be screwed intothis wood if you want to secure it.
  • If you want to put the plumbing through the rock you will need to drill the hole for it. (wherever you like)
  • Some people orientate the support rocks to have a complete cave and some people want to have a walkthrough in the back, It's up to you how you want to do it.

We recommend securing the support rocks to the deck if people will be climbing on them but you don't have to do it. Please keep in mind that if someone gets on the waterfall and it isn't bolted to the deck it could fall in.Here is a linkto how we bolt our smaller rocks to pool decks, the grotto may just need more blocks.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 support rocks
  • large waterfall rock top piece
  • 4 x 18" long lag screws
  • Color Repair Kit
  • 4 Bolt Cover Rocks
  • 4 Flexi Rocks to fill gaps

Choose fromtwogorgeous color options to allow for limitless creativity and design.

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