Idea:Customer's Backyard Pond

Idea:Customer's Backyard Pond

Thanks to Joe Vieira for the emailed Pictures!

Joe visited our store prior to building his pond. We were able to help Joe plan his pond from start to finish. He was able to get all of the components of his pond in-store and have them explained thoroughly before he installed each piece. Working with a skimmer, pressure filter and ionizer, Joe is able to keep maintenance to a minimum. He also dug one area of the pond to a depth beyond 4 feet to allow the fish to over-winter.

Joe had some special help from his grandson building the pond this summer (2014)! Both enjoy feeding and watching the fish as well as the sound of the falls as they entertain on the patio.



To achieve this look, the following products were used:

Aquascape EPDM 45 Mil Liner
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EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers
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EasyPro Pro-Series Small Skimmer with Filter Pad
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Select Koi 4-5"
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Universal Spot Sub 12 - White
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