Idea: Pondless Cascade

Idea: Pondless Cascade

The true stars in this waterfall are unseen!

Below the bed of river rock, where the water seems to disappear, are reservoir cubes that are stacked to allow for maximum water holding space. No longer do you have to fill your pondless feature full of river rock (very little space for water). The pump sits within a pump vault, allowing for easy access and removal!



To achieve this look, the following products were used:

Aquascape EPDM 45 Mil Liner
Aquascape EPDM 45 Mil Liner New Sale
$8.90 $10.99
Description 45 mil EPDM Fish Safe Liner - We can cut any Length of Liner you need! $0.89 Per squa...
EasyPro Expandable Waterfall Spillway
The first expandable waterfall spillway on the market! These waterfall spillways have a plastic g...
EasyPro Wide Diameter Pump Vault - Round
JAFL Details Large diameter pump vault can fit multiple mag drive pumps for high flow features. ...
ProEco Eco-Cubes
FREE Shipping on orders over CDN $200Water Retention Cubes Reservoir Cubes can be used in a wide ...
ProEco Float Valve
ProEco Float Valve New
FREE Shipping on orders over CDN $200The float valve maintains a constant water level in your pon...

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